TV Tag and Convert

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TV Tag and Convert is a Windows Application that converts from .mpeg and .avi files into an iPhone, iPod Touch and iTunes friendly mpeg4 video format.Not only that, but it correctly tags the video file with the correct title, season, episode and descriptions so that TV episodes show up as TV in iTunes, and movies as movies.

But wait, there’s more!

If TTaC recognises the file name as a TV episode, it will download the TV episode information from and update the file meta-data accordingly!


Best of all, IT IS FREE!
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The Finer Details

This program uses the awesomeness that is both Ffmpeg for transcoding, and Atomic Parsley for tagging. Wicked.

In order to be recognised as a TV episode the filename format must be in one of the forms below:

Show Name AxB
Show Name SAAEBB
Show Name ABB

Where A is the season, and B is the episode number. Dots, dashes and underscores are all converted to spaces before querying the TV database.

Examples of filenames that are easily parsed are below: